Installing irrigation systems allows you to achieve the lush, beautiful, and healthy lawn you've always desired. It's the most easy and successful way to make sure your landscape receives enough water without over- or under-watering it. The advantages of an irrigation system are that it saves you money by reducing the amount of water needed to keep your lawn and landscape green and fresh. Exclusive Landscaping is licensed for all your residential and commercial irrigation needs. All installs and repairs are performed by a licensed irrigator.


You might not think about it, but the way you water your yard can have a massive impact on your water usage, the appearance, and more. If you have always watered your lawn with a hose or sprinkler system, it can be easy to think that that’s just how it has to be. In reality, there are many ways to water your property, and the world of landscape irrigation is a complex and interesting one. In this blog, we will discuss four different types of landscape irrigation that you can use to keep your plants looking their best.

Sprinkler Irrigation


When many people think of landscape irrigation, they think of sprinkler systems. Underground sprinkler irrigation uses a series of pipes and sprinkler heads that deliver water to plants by spraying the water in the air above them. Like drip irrigation systems, sprinkler systems can be installed with irrigation controllers. Sprinkler heads can either retract and pop up during watering, or they can always sit above the ground. Although sprinkler irrigation does lead to some water waste due to evapotranspiration, smart irrigation controllers can mitigate this risk by taking weather reports into account when triggering the sprinkler system.

Drip Irrigation


Drip irrigation is an extremely popular irrigation system due to the amount of water and nutrients it saves. A drip irrigation system helps you deliver water more efficiently, saving you time and money. Essentially, the water drips slowly to the roots of plants where it is needed. The water can come from above or below the soil surface. The overall goal is for the water to go directly to the zone where the roots are located and to minimize evaporation.

Drip irrigation systems are commonly installed in areas where flowers, shrubs or plants are growing rather than in a lawn. This system allows you to target plant roots more precisely than with sprinklers, resulting in better plant health and water conservation. A drip irrigation system is designed based on your property’s layout. The effectiveness of the system largely depends on its design and installation. Texas Best Irrigation and Landscape can tailor a custom drip irrigation system to your needs.


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